Helping Your Global Expansion

You want to grow your business and introduce your products and services to a foreign market. Let us do the legwork so you can make calculated, informed decisions.

Using practical research tools and methodology, we paint a clear picture to help you assess the opportunity and costs of expansion to a new global market. Independent third-party research can also help you secure financing and reduce risk.

We provide a variety of tools to help you see a clear path to success in your new international expansion effort. 

  • Market Familiarization Workshops

    Briefings conducted by experts who are intimately familiar with your chosen market and your industry sector.
  • Market Discovery Tours

    We arrange travel, accommodation, local transportation and an itinerary that includes meetings with potential partners, stakeholders and clients to help you improve your understanding of the new market, local customs, and personal interactions.
  • In-Depth Research and Environmental Scans

    Determine market demand and the regulatory environment applicable to your products and services.
  • Competition Analysis Reports

    To help you plan your market positioning.
  • Marketing Analysis and Market Segmentation Reports

    Determine what, if any, modifications you need to make to your products and services before entering the new market. Benchmark your prices and establish a competitive price point. Discover the best approach to promote your products and services to different market segments.
  • SWOT and Cost / Benefit Analysis

    Measure potential risk against the rewards of expanding your business to a new international market.
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our consultants have conducted projects for governments and organizations around the world

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