King's-Edgehill To Expand To UAE

Halifax, NS – February 2, 2015: After 226 years in business, King’s-Edgehill School has finally found the perfect spot to open its second location – in Abu Dhabi.

Discussions began in 2013, when Mindlink Investments, an organization that represents a group of investors based in Abu Dhabi, were interested in opening a private school in the region, but needed to connect with an organization that had experience in the education field. They were connected with EduNova in Nova Scotia who then referred them to King’s-Edgehill School (KES) in Windsor, the oldest independent school in the British Commonwealth, as a potential partner.

“We have a lot of passion for the future of Abu Dhabi and the leaders of tomorrow,” said Raed Al Yousef, Chairman of Mindlink Investments. “Our goal for this initiative was to secure education providers who could come to Abu Dhabi and deliver the high-quality education Nova Scotia is known for. I think we’ve accomplished this by partnering with King’s-Edgehill School, and the process has been so rewarding that we look forward to welcoming more education partners from Nova Scotia to Abu Dhabi.”

Discussions were greatly assisted with the support of the Department of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism, whose funding allowed KES to travel to Abu Dhabi and to host Mindlink, whose investors also include Fadi Al Yousef and Mahmoud Al Ramahi, here in Nova Scotia. “This partnership is indicative of how well-respected Nova Scotia is on an international scale when it comes to both our education sector and the way we conduct business,” said Nova Scotia Minister of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism, Michel Samson from the Nova Scotia Department of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism. “We’re pleased to hear that Mindlink is interested in forming other partnerships here in Nova Scotia, and optimistic as to what will develop from that interest.”

The partnership between Mindlink and KES, estimated to be worth approximately $30 million USD, was cemented with the help and guidance of Blacksheep Projects, a new company run by Issmat Al-Akhali, which works to help Nova Scotia companies expand their presence to new international markets. Blacksheep will continue to work with KES and Mindlink as they establish the school in Abu Dhabi.

Joseph Seagram, headmaster of KES, was initially humbled when approached by the team at Mindlink, “Nova Scotia can offer so much to the world, but in our endearingly humble fashion we often do not fully understand how attractive our values and education system are to others,” says Seagram. “Of all the potential schools in the world, our partners chose us to build this campus, giving us an opportunity to showcase who we are.” Seagram also believes this investment will have a broader impact that will reach the entire province, “If it generates interest in Nova Scotian universities and colleges, and opens eyes and hearts to our province for investment and business, then all Nova Scotians will benefit from this enterprise.”

King’s-Edgehill School – Abu Dhabi (KESAD) will officially open in September 2017, with construction likely beginning before the end of this year.