Blacksheep Launches Atlantic Canada's First Privately-Operated Student Dorm


Students in Halifax have a new option for off-campus housing. Located in the heart of downtown Halifax, Granville Hall provides affordable dormitory-style accommodations to Canadian and international students attending universities, colleges, or language training schools in the area. The boutique facility on Granville Street offers 30 rooms in a charming historic building at the centre of Halifax's shopping, dining and entertainment district.

"I came to Halifax as an international student, so I know how difficult it is for students to find short-term accommodations that include everything they need during their studies" said Issmat Al-Akhali, President and CEO of Blacksheep Projects. "Whether they're here for one month, one semester or one year, our student dorms will provide custom leases to suit the needs of each student. We are currently the only privately operated dormitory accommodations provider in Atlantic Canada, and the first to offer this flexibility at prices that fit student budgets. Now Halifax students have access to a housing option similar to what their peers have in many European countries."

With the successful launch of its first facility in Halifax, Blacksheep Projects plans to open more residences in Canada with a vision for a portfolio of boutique dormitories in niche markets stringing from Nova Scotia on the East Coast to British Columbia on the West Coast. "I'd like to have 10 facilities operating in 10 provinces by 2025. Our partners have shown great confidence by investing nearly $2 million into this first residence in Halifax. We are now raising a second round of investment to finance our expansion plans" said Al-Akhali. "In the meantime, we're having a great time meeting new students and perfecting the model."

Granville Hall ( is located at 1669 Granville Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The residence offers rooms in a shared living environment all year round, and is open to short-term tourist stays from end of April to late August.