Board Member Stars in Reality Show

alkhudair2Advisory Board member Khalid AlKhudair is a busy executive, but he enjoys his work immensely. While trotting the globe for his work with the World Economic Forum, the former Nova Scotia resident spends his time making sure that every Saudi Arabian woman who wants a job is able to get one. As founder and CEO of, AlKhudair's impact has been felt both in Saudi Arabia and abroad. In September, he collected the Entrepreneur of The Year award from CEO Middle East magazine, and was ranked at #17 in Salt magazine's list of the world's top 100 Compassionate Leaders

But that's not all. Middle Eastern TV channel MBC1 recently previewed its newest Reality TV show, Israr, starring AlKhudair as one of three judges on this Apprentice-inspired program. Channeling his inner Simon (or Trump), AlKhudair acknowledged "I'll be the mean one". Fellow judges include Engineer Mohammed Abu Dawood, one of Saudi Arabia's most prominent businessmen and member of Harvard University's Board of Governors, and Ms. Sarah Al Ayed, co-founder of TRACCS, the region's most prominent Public Relations firms.

The show premiers this Friday, October 16.


Khalid AlKhudair